About us

Welcome to the world of Cups and Leafs; the ultimate tea experience. Tea as tea was and is meant to be. Try it, taste it, smell it; we will get you in your Zen mode. Cups and Leafs will bring an ensured joyful moment in your day, whether you take a ‘to go’ or tea to prepare at your own convenience or sit in at our Tea Bar.

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Ancient oriental scholars believed that Teaism would enlighten inspiration, make us quietly comprehend life, cultivate our own spiritual morals and enable our thoughts to be self-examined and self-confident.

At the same time tea also holds an important social aspect; meeting with friends by drinking tea, emphasizes the elegant and artistic characteristics.

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“We at Cups and Leafs are happy to serve you your daily Zen!”


Cups and Leafs Zijlstraat 54 2011 TP  Haarlem